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Keeping your field in top shape is often hit or miss. This free program from Mar-Co Clay will help determine the target amendment you need to add to your existing mix to achieve the surface you are looking for. The following quick steps are all it takes.

Step 1


Retrieve a sample of existing field material and forward it to a Mar-Co Lab for an evaluation.

Step 2


Mar-Co analyzes the sample from your field in one of their labs to determine the makeup of your field and identify your unique needs.

Step 3


Mar-Co contacts you with a set of recommendations based on the lab results of your field; recommendations for both product and application.

Next Steps

When you choose to adopt these recommendations, pricing will be provided. Mar-Co will then produce your target amendment and deliver it to your site. Delivery can be made in bulk, super sacks or 40 lbs bags to facilitate your application requirements.

Small scale measuring out Mar-Co product

Product Design

Mar-Co Clay prides itself on its steadfast commitment to developing and designing industry-leading product lines and solutions. Our company is continuously engaged in the process of creating cutting-edge and innovative products that are unmatched in the industry.

Bags of Mar-Co RediMound


We possess both the necessary capacity and technical expertise to produce top-of-the-line products. Our journey thus far has led us to innovate in our manufacturing processes, allowing us to consistently maintain the highest standards of quality control, supply chain management, and innovation.

A few pallets full of Mar-Co Clay product ready for delivery


At Mar-Co Clay, we understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements. That is why we offer our products in a variety of formats to ensure that we can cater to our customer's specific needs. Whether you require bulk orders or super-sacs or 40lb bags, we can deliver our products in a format that meets your requirements.